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Our mission is to deliver value and talent to individuals, professionals, companies and society as a whole. We are an open ecosystem, and we believe in building lasting relationships as global, independent advisors.

We are experts in “what” and will work hand in hand with you on “how”.

We are Talentfy Global Advisors.



Executive Search

Smart Recruitment


Executive Search


Smart Recruitment

Our philosophy

We know that every person is unique and every situation is different. Our personal approach is what sets us apart.

We value each individual as a person and understand them as professionals.

Our philosophy, based on building and nurturing lasting relationships, helps us position ourselves as trusted advisors.

Our Services


Strategy & People
Board & Executive Advisory Services
Human Resources
Business & People Innovation
Organization & Skilling


Individual & Team Assessment
Coaching & Mentoring
Career Services
Onboarding & Succession Planning
Board Assessment, Effectiveness & Governance

Executive Search

Directors & Board Members
Board of Directors
Sector & Functional Specialists
Diversity & Inclusion

Smart Recruitment

Market Mapping & Business Intelligence
Business Acceleration & Team Hiring
Specialized Recruitment & Selection
Upskilling & Reskilling

When the answer lies in people

Our extensive and proven experience in the following areas sets us apart from the rest:

  • Gaining in-depth knowledge of our clients’ work to counsel and support them.

  • Understanding each company’s People Policies and their Organizational Culture.

  • Assessing and building high-performance Management Teams.

  • Selecting, attracting and engaging the right kind of talent for each client.

  • Offering ideas and anticipating business needs by incorporating new skills.

Our goal is to understand and align the needs of:

  • Boards of Directors and Shareholders.

  • Executives.

  • Key Teams and Professionals.

  • Employees.

  • Clients and Main Stakeholders.


We have extensive experience in the following sectors

About us

We have a vast network of contacts and alliances built on trust that empower us to uphold our quality standards in all our dealings with clients, candidates and participants.

We have extensive experience in:

  • Digital Talent Strategies in leading international business groups.

  • Coaching for CEOs, Country Managers, Board Members and Functional Managers.

  • Marketing Intelligence for disruptive business models and new lines of business.

  • Building Management Teams in IBEX 35 companies, Corporate Groups, Private Equity invested companies.

  • Team Selection for exponential growth in leading financial businesses.

  • Board Assessments in leading organizations.

  • Competitive Analysis and Market Research.

What sets us apart?

  • Our expertise, more than proven in the work we do with leading business organizations.

  • The trust and references offered by our clients, candidates, participants and the market.

  • Our integrated services: we have a holistic view of the impact of talent within organizations.

  • Our experience not only as consultants and advisors, but also as former clients of services like ours.

  • Our in-depth knowledge of our sector, and our track record in industry transformation.

  • Our independence, commitment, experience and constant interest in being up-to-date.

  • Our firm belief that by professionalizing something as important as the job market, we are making a relevant contribution to society.

Our corporate culture is built upon these five pillars:

1. Spirit of Service.

2. Integrity in everything we do.

3. A sense of purpose: we know what we do, why we do it and what we do it for, and we understand the impact of having the right talent in every circumstance.

4. Investing in lasting relationships based on trust.

5. Empathy: we possess the ability to place ourselves in another’s position.

We are listening

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